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2021 PCE Vaccine Series

Posted over 1 year ago in CME Opportunities

Dear Colleague,
On behalf of Practicing Clinicians Exchange, I invite you to the new FREE CME 2021 PCE Vaccine Series on August 17 and August 19. Each night covers different topics, so I encourage you to attend both.
Expert faculty will discuss current recommendations, risk factors, and strategies to address barriers and increase vaccine uptake. Each night attendees can earn 2.75 CE/CME credits, for a total of 5.50 CE/CME credits.
Tuesday: Martin Mahoney, MD, PhD will review the latest vaccine information on HPV, influenza, meningococcal, and pneumococcal.
Thursday, Tracy Zivin-Tutela, MD will discuss COVID-19, RSV, and shingles vaccinations.
I hope you will join this interactive live stream series.
Wishing you well!


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