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SPAR 2022 Elections

Posted 10 months ago by Julia Swafford

It's that time to elect Board Members for SPAR. We welcome all to consider being a Board Member. If you would like to be on the ballot, please indicate the role that you are running for, a short background on who you are and why you would like to be on the board. Please have this sent to us by June 12. You can reply to this message or go to "Start a Discussion" if you would like to send it directly to the current President/VP. Elections will be sent out in June for all our members. 

To be a considered as a Board Member you will need to be a current member of AAPA and SPAR. Membership will need to stay active throughout your term. 

The term is for three years and there is not a limit for how long you can serve. 

We look forward to hearing from new members to help broaden our perspective.

Thanks to all of you; without you there wouldn't be a SPAR!


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