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SPAR elections

Posted 9 months ago

Dear Rheum PA colleagues,

First a round of applause for Tony Giannelli who has been President of SPAR for over 12 years. He has nutured his career not only as a critical PA in his clinic, but has fostered and encouraged several PA students at Western Michigan State University to enter the field. He is involved from start to finish from didactic to clinical which demonstrates a great loyalty to the field. He has also led SPAR with fiscal responsibiilty and has courted outside education companies to take a look at SPAR as a mouthpiece for PAs in the field. All the while he has kept the website open, has utilized adroitely a professional manager and kept us all up to date on what is happening inside SPAR. Bravo and well done.
I would only ask that if you have an interest in propelling this group further, and there is a need for sure, that you consider dipping your toe in to the workings of SPAR and step up to a Board position. SPAR will give you many times over what you give it. Looking forward to meeting those of you who I have not and thank you to Julia Swafford for taking the reigns of the Presidency and to those of you considering running for the Board.

Rick Pope