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Posted 27 days ago

Notes from AAPA 2024: HOD

It was another great year at the annual AAPA HOD. There was much discussion about AAPA creating a hyperlink to specialty organizations on their site that would direct PAs to their interested specialty organization after they apply for their AAPA membership. While this has been discussed in past years, there is easier ways to make this happen with improving technology. This will be further investigated.

Gender affirming care was another hotly debated topic. The resolution B09 did pass and AAPA will continue to support gender affirming care.

Another area of contention was creating a unified term for PAs with doctorate degrees (B12), proposed was DMS. The cons were that there are current PAs with different degrees as well as DMS is not specific to only PAs. B12 did not pass.

Other interesting topics were continuing to avoid APP terminology and global climate change.

Thank you for allowing me to participate in the 2024 AAPA HOD. As always, it was a pleasure!

Julia Swafford, PA-C, DFAAPA

Current SPAR President


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