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Posted over 2 years ago


I am a PA-S2 at the University of Oklahoma Health Science Center. I am approaching the end of my didactic phase and have a great interest in rheumatology. Unfortunately, PA programs in Oklahoma have traditionally had a difficult time finding quality rheumatology rotations/preceptors. I am curious if there is any information available for aspiring students looking for preceptors to rotate with. Our program does not allow us to leave the state during the rotation phase, so I am in search of a rotation that will work me hard and offer a tremendous view into the field. Any help offered is greatly appreciated!

Chris Shy


Barbara Slusher over 2 years ago

Hi Chris. Feel free to give me a call at 409-772-9563. I can help.
Barbara A. Slusher, MSW, PA-C, DFAAPA

Donald Flinn over 2 years ago

Chris, I may have a lead for you. I will need to talk to our PA in Rheumatology and see if she is able to take students.
Would be a great rotation.
More to come.

Kristin Peck over 2 years ago

I work at the Oklahoma Center for Arthritis if you are interested in doing a rotation in Tulsa.

Kristy Peck

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